Cameroonian Super talented and Versatile singer, Sandrine Nnanga, released her much anticipated EP entitled “Essence” in July 2023.

“Essence” is a seven-track ep and just as its name suggest, there is just something very essential and unique about this EP – Safe to say Sandrine Nnanga redefined the 7 wonders of the world with her seven track EP and with “LOVE” at the center of it all. Here are the 7 tracks from the EP:

Petite Choses
Follow you
Maladie d’amour feat. Hen’s
Toi et moi
Cover me

The EP is a mélange of sounds and melodies from Cameroon and other parts of Africa.
According to Sandrine Nnanga, love is where she gets her “essence.” The feeling of love that she gets serves her as a shield and beyond that, as a weapon to face life.

In the third track, where Sandrine features Hen’s “Maladie d’amour”, she says the song was inspired by a deadlock she and her husband had once faced in their marriage. “I remember one day; my husband and I had reached a point of no return where we had to make a decision: continue or stop! We couldn’t understand each other anymore. We barely spoke and we felt mutually exhausted because nothing was going well, and yet, we didn’t part ways! That is what I sing in “Maladie D’amour.”

According to Sandrine Nnanga, this pure, strong, unconditional and incomprehensible feeling in the end remains the very “ESSENCE” of all authentic relationships. Well, if you were wondering why she entitled the EP Essence, then, you have most like gotten your answer.
In track two “Follow you”, a song which is a blend of three languages, English, French and her native language, Sandrine Nnanga vows to give her all to her baby and follow him all the days of her life. The song with a slow and yet very captivating melody again proves that love is the essence of it all.

And with all other tracks, the theme of love stands tall.

The EP is rich in melody, the sound is beautifully curated and this is sure one EP that will leave you with beautiful memories and beyond that, inspire you, whenever you listen to it.

Talking of love being the essence of it all, the EP had inputs from Sandrine Nnanga’s better half and husband, Adah Akenji, who is equally a singer, a video director, music producer, composer and writer. Track four “Mélodie” opens with Adah’s magical voice, as the couple express their love for each other in an even greater way. They definitely agree that they are each other’s melodie.

Apart from lending his voice to the EP, Adah Akenji’s role behind the scene was even bigger as he takes credit as the composer, writer, and Producer. In fact, according to Sandrine Nnanga, the project wouldn’t have seen the light of day or even attain the dimension it has, without Adah, whom she describes as Daddy Essence.

The prolific singer Hen’s also had a crucial role to play in the EP as he featured on track four, “Maladie d’amour.”

Because of the magnificence and awe-inspiring nature of this EP, we can gladly say the 7 tracks can only be compared to the 7 wonders of the word, each track adding some love to make their essence even more meaningful.

ESSENCE is now available on all platforms:





By Nkafu

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