Cameroonian Legendary footballer, Samuel Eto’o is currently under investigation by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), for alleged inappropriate behavior, during his time as the President of FECAFOOT (Cameroon Football Federation).

CAF recently released a statement and here is an excerpt from the statement:

“Several Cameroonian football stakeholders have written to the CAF requesting that it evaluate and look into some alleged inappropriate behavior by Mr. Samuel Eto’o, President of the Cameroon Football Federation (“FECAFOOT”).

The allegations include:
▪︎Misappropriating funds from FECAFOOT

▪︎Using his position to enrich himself and his friends

▪︎Hiring unqualified people to positions of power at FECAFOOT

▪︎Obstructing justice

As the investigations go on, Samuel Eto’o is treated as innocent until proven guilty by a suitable court, despite the seriousness of the allegations.

In addition, CAF won’t make any other comments; it will only release a statement to the public after the investigations are over.


By Nkafu

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