Samuel Eto’o to be paid 650million francs for unauthorized use of image.

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Samuel Eto’o to be paid 650million francs for unauthorized use of image.

Telecommunication company Orange Cameroun has been ordered by the court of Image control to pay a hefty sum of 650millons to former indomitable lion striker Samuel Eto’o. Why??

Well here is why, Recently, Orange Cameroun has been running several adverts with Samuel Eto’o which bridges their contract in using Etoo’s image without the backing of his legal team. Orange Cameroun was filed for misuse of image. It has been months of judging this case, today the mobile network company has been found guilty and labelled 1,000,000 Euro fine equivalent to 650million Fcfa to be paid to the football legend Etoo. Thus The legendary footballer is 650 Milion richer.



An image of Eto’o is worth millions, especially when used for business Ads. For an image of the football legend to be used, his legal department must be contacted to grant permission and duration of using the image. It is actually amusing to hear that an organisation like Orange Cameoun could be committing such errors.

We guess actions have consequences and this time around Orange Cameroun had to face the consequence worth 650 Million Fcfa. Now that is not a mistake we see people commit everyday.


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