Salatiel Reveals Why He Replaced The “Anita” Character Florence Luma With Ndamo Damarise In The 3rd Episode Of His Anita Series “Prisoner”

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Salatiel Reveals Why He Replaced The Anita Character Florence Luma With Ndamo Damarise In The 3rd Episode Of His Anita Series “Prisoner”

Alpha Better Records Boss, Salatiel has just released the 3rd episode of his Anita series, titled “Prisoner.”


The song as always is a beautiful piece and this time around, it was all a dream where Salatiel saw his love Anita walk away with another student in school. She got rapped and wanted to commit suicide.  Salatiel came and helped her, accepted her, and got married to her and they had their first child.  Surprisingly, Anita still disappointed him by going back to her rapists the same day of the marriage, and Salatiel walked back to the bridge to commit suicide. Thankfully, it was just a Dream.


What has caught the attention of most fans and social media in the 3rd series of the song is the replacement of the character who played Anita in the two previous parts, Florence Luma with Actress Ndamo Damaris. 

(Ndamo D)

They have been wondering why their precious Anita whom they have become used to was replaced. Could they be an issue between Salatiel and Florence?

Well, Salatiel in a recent comment on one of 237 Showbiz’s posts has revealed why Florence was replaced with Damarise.

Here is what Salatiel wrote:

“Thanks for sharing 237Showbiz
Unfortunately, our original cast from the start Floxy is out of the country and it was impossible to get her here especially with the Covid 19 situation worldwide. We went for Ndamo Damarise who did a great job.

“We had to reshoot many scenes of the finale to fit in our new cast better and she just did an exceptional job to close it…
We apologize to fans who expected to see their original cast and our appreciation to those who saw the great work done by Damaris….”

#prisonnier is out we almost at 150k u can watch the series below:




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