Rythmz take a stand and say No to artist exploit.

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A stand for Artists.

Cameroonian beatmakers Phill Bill and K Master K who when combined can be identified as Rythmz and are currently signed under Pit Baccardi‘s “Empire” have taken it upon themselves to take a stand for fellow cameroonian artists.

They took to their Instagram account releasing pictures with the hash tag #Notoartistexploit.

We are still trying to figure out if these posts where made due to some misunderstandings with their label Empire, or if it was done for the good of kamer artists in general. Either way the hashtag stands and we are still to see some of their fellow collegues do same….

“This Is What We Need To Be Fighting For

To Better The entertainment Industry as creators of arts. We keep crying everyday “Yes we want an established industry like Nigeria, South Africa etc”. Yet we act like toothless bulldogs doing nothing about it. So many artists die in silence, scared to express themselves from this malice.. I know so many of them but for how long will you continue to suffer in the dark..The creativity,energy,time, dedication put together to come up with a masterpiece yet not been regarded instead it’s been abused, refused and you choose to be loose to chicken change they offer to you when we artists have responsibilities, projects, dreams to foster with. For how long will you keep exploiting our works? And for artists for how long will you keep pretending to yourself and your arts? I’ll advice artists from every domain of arts to join this movement let’s put an end to this modern form of theft. Let’s not wait for change meanwhile we’re the change. #Notoartistexploit🚫” – Rythmz.

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