A Russian lady has claimed she is the legitimate wife of Muriel Blanche’s fiancé, Steven Rodrigue Nbienou Kouadjo.

According to this lady whose name is Tarasova Anna, their marriage was done in Russia and legalised in Cameroon.
She adds that they signed monogamy and her husband cannot marry the Cameroonian Actress or any other woman.

Well, this is not a case of “You go explain tire, no evidence” as the Russian lady went on to post their marriage certificate as evidence.

Muriel Blanche and her soon to be husband, who is the head of 1xbet Cameroun, did their introduction (knock door) on the 22nd of July in her village in the West region of Cameroon.

According to sources, people were prevented from taking photos from the event, though a photo managed to find its way to the social media. They were set to marry this month in Tanzania, East Africa.


By Nkafu

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