Rinyu’s manager clears the air on “Rinyu vs Meshi collabo conflict”

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In less than 48 hours, the internet has been separated in camps of Rinyu vs Meshi on collabo Brohaha. Rinyu’s manager clears the air on “Rinyu vs Meshi collabo conflict”

A-list Artist Meshi is just from dropping her album “This album has had counterarguments not because of its uniqueness, just for the fact many bloggers ignored to share. Meshi dropped comments about lack of support and how bloggers want her to be who she is not.

Before these side comments that surround this album could rest, news about Rinyu degrading Meshi because she asked for a collabo from Rinyu sparked another argument.


The story holds that,

Meshi approached Rinyu for a collabo in her recent album and Rinyu told her to “go to the studio and do the song” and send it to her (Rinyu) so that her team can listen before confirming that she should or should not add her voice to it. Meshi who considered herself an older sister in the industry replied to Rinyu she can’t do it and that she didn’t start music now.

This has made fans of both artists lock horns on who is right or wrong, both fans are not giving up on their artists.

The fire has raised to the roof of the industry which warranted Rinyu’s Manager to step in with an extinguisher. According to Rinyu’s manager, Meshi did not have any conversation with Rinyu. ill date, she does not know the outcome of the supposed collab with Meshi.

Rinyu Manager wrote:

Okay Guys, Let me clear this thing up. Normally, I’d prefer to be quiet but the topic of Collaboration is very delicate since it’s concerns industry building.
Here are some facts that are worth noting:”

“1. Rinyu Never discussed a Collabo project with Meshi. When Meshi reached out to her, she immediately directed her to me. She did not discuss with her. When the first few lines of text came in, she immediately directed her to me. In fact, Before yesterday she didn’t even know the outcome of the discussion I had with Meshi’s team.”

“2. Meshi’s manager made contact with me. I expressed my interest in the project by asking him to send the song so that we can listen to it and get in the spirit of the project. He said there’s no song yet and that Meshi wanted them to compose together since she is working on an Album. He proposed that they go to the studio together, pick a beat and write the song together. I told him we don’t work like that at Akumba Music. I suggested it’ll be better he sends the demo song that’s already been recorded, with some space that Rinyu can vibe on. This will make the work go easy and timely. I even told him Rinyu is working on an album as well and already has a huge workload, so it’ll be quicker and easier that way. He still maintained that he would’ve wanted them to write and work on the song together and that since Rinyu is not available for that, we will try again sometime in the future. That was it.”

“3. I didn’t say No to the request. I expressed my desire to be on the project by asking for the song she wanted my artist on. It turned out they didn’t have a song. Rather, they needed her services in writing and composing from scratch.”

The Akumba music boss further said they were surprised Meshi told the world they asked her to record and send it to Rinyu to decide. He emphasized, in their label, they take out time and space to send out any content. That they also have rules that govern their Home which they follow. Finally, he disclosed about Rinyu album coming up and how she has contacted other artists to jump on the album the same way they asked Meshi to do.

Rinyu’s manager clears the air on “Rinyu vs Meshi collabo conflict”



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