Ridimz – The After Math.

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Ridimz – The After Math.
If you should say the word shaba in Cameroon’s musical sphere, just one thing comes to mind. Ridimz.

The Duo Ridimz is made up of BeatMaker and sound engineer Phill Bill and Mix and mastering engineer K Master K.
Like every other artist be it dead or alive Ridimz have had their “highs and lows” with the most recent being their fued with their former label “Empire Company“. Anyway we are not here today to deliberate on that, we are here to talk about how far the award winning Duo have come along way so their exit from Empire.

Mid November 2019 Ridimz exits Empire and decides to rebrand themselves From “Rythmz” To “Ridimz” and from “No Hit No Records Ent” To “Shaba Muzik” and gives us the first ever single off the new structure titled ‘Market’ which features Rappers Yung Meagan and Janéa Pol’anrhy.

Our establishment wishes to notify the general public of its existence as at the declaration of this document. Artists, producers, musicians, media operators, and all well-wishers are called upon to the knowledge of this movement, and are all invited to take part fully in all our upcoming events as and where need arises.” – PhillBill Beatz

Since the birth of Shaba Music (6 Months), Ridimz have been very productive and have given us nothing but good Music. So far we have gotten to listened to 4 amazing projects from the Duo; Market, Mbenguiste, Intimacy and Mama. Each track having its own story and message.
Market talks about life and it’s struggles, Mbenguiste relates to the way Africans behave when people from the diaspora return home and how the “Mbenguistes” behave, Intimacy well is about intimacy it’s a rated 16 track… You should listen to this with your Partner, and last but not the least Mama a song which pays tribute to mother’s all around the world.

It’s important to state that with these four tracks Ridimz has managed to collaborate with 7 artistes in 4 tracks Yung Meagan, Janea, Ko c, Aviero Djess, Blanche Bailly, Sango Edi, Carl Brizzy and a numerous amount of celebrity appearances in their videos.

They (Ridimz) are showing the world how far they can go and hand how they are willing to grow with others. If you ask us we would say they have been doing an excellent job so far and deserve some accolades.

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