Richard Bona Dumps Cameroonian Nationality And Becomes Ghanaian

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Cameroonian-born Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Richard Bona has revealed that he is no longer a Cameroonian, instead, he is now a Ghanaian. He made that clear when Voice of Africa published a list of African artists and listed him as a Ghanaian. Bona in response shared a screenshot of the post and said “Thanks for the correction. Yes, indeed Ghana is my country.” Richard Bona Dumps Cameroonian Nationality And Becomes Ghanaian.

According to Richard Bona who is currently in Accra, Ghana, his decision to drop his Cameroonian Nationality was prompted by the bad governance of the country.

Bona has over the years been a very strong critic of the Cameroonian government. However, most of Richard Bona’s fans in Cameroon who are apparently very heartbroken by his decision think patriotism shouldn’t be tied to the government of a country; you may not love your government but that shouldn’t stop you from loving your country.

Richard Bona was the only Cameroon artist to have ever picked up a GRAMMY award. Bona’s decision to dump the Cameroonian passport also means no Cameroonian has ever won a GRAMMY.


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