Reniss gives the world a taste of the “Future” in her album “Nzo”!

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New Bell music singer and hit maker Reniss just released her second studio album titled “NZO“.

“Click Here” to purchase the Album.

We have learnt to receive nothing but Originality from Reniss, and that is exactly what she gives us in “NZO” true African Music.

Wonder why our caption said the singer gave us the Future?? Well it’s all in the album’s name. Nzo means future or Tommorow in Reniss’ mother tongue “Ngemba” a language used by the Mankon people in the Northwest region of Cameroon.

Click Here” to purchase the Album.

The 12 track album are all Produced by Le Monstre and contains a mix of Makossa, Kwassa Kwassa, South African Kwaito, Highlife and are performed in French, Pidgin English, English, Hausa, and her dialect Ngemba, bringing a classic sound back to the future.

Stay true to your Culture!


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