Reactions as a gay is appointed American ambassador to Cameroon

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American Senate has announced a newly elected Ambassador to Cameroon. Who is due to take over The American Embassy in Cameroon soon.

On April 2021, Joe Biden US President announced Christopher John Lamora as the New American Ambassador to Cameroon. This follows the vacancy of posts in the Whitehouse.

Since Christopher’s appointment, the atmosphere has been calm till it was revealed on media, that the Newly elect Ambassador is a gay and member of the LGBT community.

Christopher J.Lamora is an advocate and member of LGBT communication. He presided over the LGBT pride month in Ghana where he was acting as the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Ghana. In his speech, he acknowledges being a member of the community and celebrates the uniqueness and pride of the sect.

“……..As you just heard, my name is Christopher Lamora, and I’m the Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy here in Ghana.  I’m also a proud member of the worldwide LGBT community, and for both those reasons, I’m extremely happy to be your host tonight. I’m honored by the presence of our U.S. Ambassador, Stephanie Sullivan, as well as our colleagues from the U.S. embassy and the wider diplomatic corps. Most of all, though, I’m honored by the presence of so many members of Ghana’s LGBT community.  Because, at its core, tonight is about celebrating you…  Your uniqueness, your awesomeness, and your pride!”

J.Lamora is allegedly married to a man, and is the wife in the martiage.

Cameroonians have taken to the media to frown at the US sending an ambassador whose personality is against the laws of the Country. Cameroon as we all know is against the practice of homosexuality, gay, and the LGBT community as a whole.

This law took its course when the famous “Shakiro and co”  were slammed 5 years jail term and fines.

Many react bitterly, to the fact that the western world imposes their cultures which are not accepted by Africans. See screenshots of Cameroonians lashing out in a post made by “Tebopost media” on Facebook.


How is Cameroon going to react to this slap on their face by the Americans? Will they stop the Ambassador? Our hands are crossed.

Reactions as a gay is appointed American ambassador to Cameroon.



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