Who is Nadine Fri?

Nadin Fri is a Cameroonian budding actress, based in Buea. She hails from Meta in the North West region of Cameroon. 


After her CAP certificate, Nadine enrolled  at National comprehensive high school limbe(NCHS) where she obtained her GCE ordinary level (ITVEE) and advanced level (ATVEE) in Accounting.

She went on to enroll at the Prestigious university of Buea to study transport and Logistics but that dream didn’t come true as the University does not train students in that discipline. Nadine ended up studying Political Science and Public Administration and to her, this is another discipline she loves because of her interests in the Customs service. She is currently in her final year at the University of Buea. 


 Growing up, Nadine was very passionate about acting and she would always find herself taking part in school dramas and  watching movies. 

Nadine tells us more about her career: 

“I had someone who got me and I was motivated by her acting. This is Mercy Johnson.  I loved her very much as I didn’t know much about the Cameroon movie industry at the time. I grew up with people who never loved or liked the fact that I was into acting, I kept on putting my best on my own.

 This went on for a long while and I eventually started doing comedy locally in Limbe with a group of friends.

On a fateful day, I saw an audition flyer for the movie the Planters Plantation. By then I had just written my GCE Advanced level exams. I left the house in Limbe and lied about where I was going to, just so I could go for the auditions in Tiko. Luckily for me, I was selected and that was my first ever movie and audition .

During the shooting of the movie the Planters Plantation, I noticed that there was a lot to learn in acting aside from just having a passion for it. I saw great Cameroonian actresses and actors that I admired so much.”

Cameroonian Actors Nadine admires most

“I admire Nimo Loveline and she is that one person I love dearly. Aside from being a good actress, she has the heart of an older sister and she is a good listener too.

I also admire Syriette Che, who was my mother in the movie, The Planters Plantation. I love her and her skills. 

Lina Ikechuju (Mami Dona), Director Eystein Young-Dingha Junior, who is also my personal adviser, Nene Fembe and many others, are persons I look up to in the industry.”

Nadine Fri featured in the 2022 award winning film, the Planter’s Plantation. The movie starred Legendary Actor Nkem Owoh and received a Best Actress nomination at the AMVCA 2023 (Nimo Loveline). It also starred Stephanie Tum and Lina Ikechuju. How does Nadine feel to have featured in such a star studded movie? She tells us:

“It was a big start for me and I am so grateful to God for such an opportunity. From that movie, a few people started believing in me. After that project, I tried concentrating more on studies and also did a few auditions and was selected, though some of the movies did not push through.” 

Nadine’s Current Project

“My current project is a TV series  entitled A Story of Teens.  I want to say I’m blessed because I haven’t acted in  many movies but the 2 projects I have managed to gain roles from are perfect projects and big ones too.

The director of this  great project is very down to earth and nice and not just a director but he has stood by me. He has a lot of trust in me and I’m very grateful to God for bringing this project and this particular director to me and our teammates.

The director is Anyegwi Carintine. He is incredibly talented and a very disciplined person.”

Other Projects

 “Aside from movies, I have done a lot of comedy, working under a comedy crew here in Buea and also acting with some big comedians like Godisz  Fungwa (Richard) and a couple of others.

I equally took part in an acting challenge which was headed by Kang Quintus and I emerged 1st Runner up. That tells of my passion and zeal for acting.          

Social Media Handles

-Tiktok: @bebefri0

-IG: Nadin Fri 

-Facebook: Nadin Fri(Ma Fri)


By Nkafu

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