Profiling Lovert Lambe (Copees)

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🎯Profiling Lovert Lambe (Copees)
🎯Who is Lovert Lambe (Copees)?
Lovert Lambe AKA Copees is a super talented Cameroonian actor, scriptwriter, movie producer, editor, singer and award winning comedian.
He was born Lovert Wonja Lambe on September 4, over two decades ago.
🎯Movie Career
Lovert Lambe grew up watching Nollywood and Hollywood movies. He was inspired by the actors and wanted to be like them.
In 2015, he joined the Cameroon Movie Industry after being encouraged by his mother who is now of blessed memory.
Lovert Lambe has featured in over 15 movies including:
• Manso by Bechem Bisong
• A Good Time To Divorce by Nkanya Nkwai, also starring Alenne Menget and Syriette Che
• Where I Come From by Tessy Eseme, also starring Anurin Nwunembom, Vugar Samson and Faith Fidel
• Apple For Two which aired on Africa Magic Showcase, also starring Nadia Buari, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Ndamo Damaris and Bishop Imeh Umoh
• Stray
• Maija
• The Chariot of the gods
• R’gony which he produced in 2020
Aside from being an actor and a producer, Lovert is also a gospel singer and Tv presenter. He was a choir leader at the Ark of God Covenant Ministries, Buea.
🎯Comedy Career
Over a year ago, Lovert Lambe decided to collaborate with another talented Cameroonian actress and Comedian Mbeng Lilian in a comedy skit. They thought that was just going to be a one of but judging from how well they successfully pulled off the amazing piece, they decided to form a comic duo Caro and Copees (Capees).
Their YouTube channel, Capees Comedy World has so far amassed over 28.5K subscribers. They have released 48 videos so far from Episode 1 “Kwacoco Go Sweet So?” to episode 48 “Lifeguard Ft. Desmond Elliot.” They have equally featured other talented comedians, actors and musicians from Cameroon and beyond including O Boy Da Comic, Calvino Wallang, Pa Ngwa, Ko-C, Mic Monsta, Askia, Rinyu, Nabil Fongod, Desmond Elliot and more.
Lovert Lambe is definitely one of the new breeds of the Cameroon industry who have helped to take the industry to a bigger and better level. As an actor and comedian, he is one of the most sought after and most loved in Cameroon.
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