Profiling Director Chuzih

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📣Profiling Director Chuzih
Hello lovers of 237 entertainment, Kampii Productions daily will henceforth profile a Cameroonian entertainer daily. Check out our youtube channel to find out some interesting facts about some of your favorite entertainers from Cameroon.
Today, we start with Chuzih. Profiling Director Chuzih
📣 Who is Chuzih Chuzih?
Chuzih is a Cameroonian Video Director whose hard work and prolificness have made him one of the most sought-after video directors in the Cameroonian showbiz space.
He hails from the North West region of Cameroon and is currently based in Cameroon’s biggest entertainment hub, Douala. Chuzih who was born over 2 decades ago developed a passion for music and video directing as far back as his secondary school days as he would always find time to participate in extracurricular activities involving music, dancing and others.
📣 Education
Chuzih attended Government Bilingual High School, Bamenda where he obtained his GCE Advanced Level Certificate.
Chuzih went on to obtain a degree in Computer and Information from the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda (CATUC).
While at the University, Chuzih was the Music director of the CATUC choir, Head/Founder of the Dance club, Administrator of the School’s website, Designed the school’s Magazine covers, Design/Developed an interface for the school’s Database.
📣 Performance (Works)
Chuzih is one of the most dynamic audio-visual content makers to have emerged from Cameroon’s music scene. Chuzih has shot tens of music videos for Cameroon’s leading acts, with content that routinely gets hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.
In 2021, Chuzih has directed over 23 amazing music videos including:
1. Big Dreams by Asaba
2. Weh Weh by Vernyuy Tina
3. Cysoul by Charlene
4. Go So by Seem Bizzy
5. Potoh Potoh by Boy Tag
6. Mon Eru by Baeby Gee
7. Gokoma by Gomez Oba Feat Hugo
8. Self Defense by Askia
9. Daddim by Forbah Maureen
10. Fais Moi Calin by Abz
11. La B.A.D by Vernyuy Tina
12. Kpe Kpe by Ewube
13. Eposioma by Martin Newsongz
14. Chill by Ko-C
15. Iyori by Rinyu feat. Salatiel
16. Dodokido by Asaba
17. My Twinkle Little Star by Muss Feat Rinyu
18. La Fête by Boy TAG Feat. Happy
19. Black Girl Magic by Rinyu
20. Faya by Mimie Feat. Locko
21. Miracle Ground by Maureen Forbah
22. Dem No Know by Mic Monsta
23. Touch My Body by Mr. Leo feat. Daphne
He also directed Rinyu’s hit Feeling You feat Ko-C and a Collabo between Dance hall sensation, Fhish and Makossa Legend Longue Logue – Njoh in 2020.
Chuzih is also a singer/songwriter, graphic designer, graffiti painter and instrumentalist. Beyond Cameroon, he has worked with international artists like Eddy Kenzo, Dj Arafat, and Ivorian DJ Brico.
These are just some of Chuzih’s works within the last few years. There is definitely more to his name and we will surely be getting more from him soon.

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