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Who is Anurin?
Anurin is a Cameroonian Actor, Assistant Director, Director, Filmmaker and Screenwriter, based in Buea, South West region of Cameroon.
He was born Anurin Nwunembom in Tiko in the late 1970s to a single mother.
Because of the nature of his mother’s job – a nurse, he had to live with his grandmother for about 3-4 of his childhood years. It is during this time with his grandmother that he was exposed to storytelling.
He describes himself as a self-taught filmmaker and actor/acting coach. He writes poetry too and loves deep arts and craft. He is greatly fascinated by African and Asian cultures.
The first time Anurin decided to venture into the movie industry was in 2007-2008, that was when he wrote and directed a short film titled “Two girls.”
In 2010, he was opportune to take part in “Ninah’s Dowry,” a movie which won about 40 awards internationally.
In 2014, he was approached by Nkanya Nkwai with a film titled “Nightfall.” They worked on the film together and that was his first feature.
After featuring and directing a couple of other movies, he went on to direct two Cameroonian movies purchased by Netflix: Broken and Therapy.
*Drastic Measures (2004) – Actor
*Nkuma (Female Genital Mutilation) (2006) by AFRICaphonie – Assistant Director/Actor
*Retribution (2007), short Film by GOHFA – Production Manager
*Two Girls (2007) short Film by Malapa Pixels – Writer/Director
*CrossRoad (2008) by Njukeng Productions -Assistant Director/Actor
*Sword (2011), short Film by Vision Pictures – Assistant Director/Actor
*Obsession (2011) Film by Binam Studios/CoreUnit Group – Co-producer/Production Manager/Designer/lighting
*Ninah’s Dowry (2012), Film by FinTu Films – Production Manager/Acting Coach/Actor
*Beleh (2013), short Film by ACE Entertainment – Actor, Assistant Director, Lighting
*Alma (2014), short Film by ACE Entertainment – Assistant Director/Casting Director/Lighting
*Fakeh (2014) by Main Koncepts – Assistant Director/Acting Coach/Lighting
*Nightfall (2014) – Co-Director
*A Man For The Weekend (2017) by Syndy Emade – Actor
*Broken (2019) by Syndy Emade in conjunction with Anurin Nwunembom – Director
*Buried (2020)
*Therapy (2021) – Co-director
Best Actor in a lead role (Ninah’s Dowry) Festival International Panafricaine de Cannes, France (2013)
Best Actor in a lead role (Ninah’s Dowry) SONNAH AWARDS (2013)
Best Actor in a lead role (Ninah’s Dowry) Cameroon Movie Merit Awards (2013)

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