Limbe is mourning the death of one of its most popular bike riders, Stella, who died in an accident.

Stella was a regular sight on the streets of Limbe, riding her bike with ease and grace. She was known for her infectious smile and her love of life.

A social media user recently sent this message to blogger, FUCHOR.

“Good morning Fuchor, The limbe popular female commercial bike rider is gone😭😭😭 I don’t even know what to say I’m just speechless, limbe’s most popular female commercial bike rider, my neighbor/my friend is gone just like that, she always wear her helmet anytime she’s at work, only this last Sunday that she went out without her helmet she made an accident Infront of Nwanja hotel opposite Bota pore and hit her Heard on the road, taken to Mile hospital, a Brain scan was done and the following day she was transferred to Buea to one specialist doctor, but unfortunately she still couldn’t make it😭😭. RIP Shella …”

Stella was celebrated on Facebook in the month of August and people where amazed a female bike rider, who is so good at her job.
May her soul Rest In Peace


By Nkafu

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