Cameroonian actress and business woman of little height, Elizabeth Cynthia N. Itounou February has announced her breakup with Donald C. Ayissi.

This was done through a write up on her Facebook page:

“It’s over… I could never pretend. When things don’t go well, they don’t go well. My relationship has officially ended for reasons so unclear that I have thousands of questions… For 2 years we lived in inexplicable tensions precisely from the day we set foot at Douala airport returning from Dubai.

Once home he walled himself in silence and we spent 2 weeks like that, he admitted to me that he himself does not know why his heart suddenly closed. During the entire preproduction of the INDIGO project I immersed myself so much in work that I neglected my home, we found ourselves sleeping in the office, not being able to stand this pace, being a very organized person he traveled to Yaoundé in July 2022 and was just coming back for 2 or 3 days. I got pregnant, and he wasn’t there until I gave birth.

When the child was born he radically changed again, renewed promises, commitment, apologies to the parents… we returned to Douala with the decision to put our house back on track. I accepted my wrongs and I sorted myself out, I managed to find a balance between my work and my family.

It’s only been 2 and a half months since I came back. One fine day he became silent again. After several discussions to try to understand, he clearly told me that he didn’t love me enough and that I wasn’t attractive to him. That he had nothing to reproach me for.

He said he doesn’t have much life experience and I do. He let me know his desire to move elsewhere… but at the same time he didn’t take action. The proof, it was still 3 weeks ago that I was taking care of my sick man… one morning of August 15 he came out telling me that he was traveling to Yaoundé, I didn’t see him again until that day when he came to take his things telling me that he found a house “in accordance” with a message that I sent him two weeks ago remarking that he was no longer checked in on the children and me. Realizing during our discussions that we would not go any further together, I asked him to “regain his freedom”, which he understood. Tired of this roller coaster, infidelities, lies, deception, I tried to hang on but at one point… the smartest thing to do is to let go of everything. When it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

So I’m also making this post to officially give him back his freedom. Let nothing stop him from living the life he wants to live. While wishing him the best that I couldn’t give him.

I am going through an extremely difficult time… my company had to close, there are immense debts on my head that I had to contract for the INDIGO project which ultimately could not be carried out.

My page was restricted for a post I made three years ago😂… There are still so many things… incomprehensible… But I firmly believe that everything God does is good. Back to square one. I am experiencing what we call hitting rock bottom. For my work, as long as I live and my head turns I can and I will get back on track. I’m making this post for this relationship that we brought to the web.

I prefer to do this before rumors and bad tongues get involved. I have very good memories of it for life. If there is one thing that I learned the most painful way it is that it is not good to expose your life especially when you are still building it, especially when nothing is officially sealed.

I also remember that some things break your heart but repair your vision. The most curious thing is that all this happened at the moment when I immersed myself completely in my faith in God… at the moment when I understood that the visionary that I am basically was doing everything in the wrong way. Everything collapsed around me without me being able to do anything. The word says that “the seed placed in the ground must die in order to germinate” I know deep down that all this had to happen.

What does tomorrow hold for me? I don’t know…. For now I am learning from my mistakes and I understand that the best way to live is to live hidden.


By Nkafu

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