Pit Baccardi Heavily Criticized By Fans And Colleagues For Saying Ivorian Music Is The Meeting Point Of French African Rap

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Cameroonian rapper and boss of Empire Company music label Guillaume N’Goumou, known artistically as Pit Baccardi recently took to Twitter to praise the Ivorian rap, saying the movement is real and it is the meeting point of the French African rap. Pit Baccardi Heavily Criticized By Fans And Colleagues For Saying Ivorian Music Is The Meeting Point Of French African Rap.

That however did not sit well with most fans of the Cameroonian rap and even with some of Pit Baccadi’s colleagues in the music industry. According to some of these fans, if the Cameroonian rap industry is not as good as he would have expected, then he is definitely one of the people to be blamed. According to them, given his experience, influence, connections, and resources, he should have given the rap industry a better standing than it currently has.

According to media personality, Fidji, it is a shame that an established artist like Pit Baccardi has failed to develop the rap industry of his country but has contributed in developing French Rap. Het wrote:

You are a great rapper but You who was one of the pioneers of French rap in France, you whose career has reached the peak of the heavens, you who returned to Cameroon to restore music and business. Reading this tweet which is unfortunately true proves once more the extent that Cameroon Rap has failed.
You have inspired a lot of rappers locally, your first direct target was rap and Cameroon rappers who did not expect you to be Moses no, but what they expected from you was the sharing of experience, of knowing that you have could have acquired elsewhere.
Ivorian Rap is the hub of rap you’re right but if I were an Ivorian rapper I would ask you what you did for the RAP of your country to come and recognize our supremacy! Cameroonian Rap is what it is today it’s also because you failed! Which rappers have you developed? Which rapper did you give the chance to share even experiences on stage with the big international stars you brought from abroad? What meeting did you organize to share information, knowledge, experience with the rappers? Do you know Socratic Maeutics? What happened to the rappers of your own label? ZAYOX (your own little one) @Malik to name a few? After Krotal, what other rapper have you been in feat with? Def jam and Universal Music came to Cameroon. An Opportunity for rappers in your country unfortunately the only one who could be signed was Tenor.
Is he the only rapper? And the others? Esta (your collaborator) introduces lots of talented rappers in her Mboa tapes, didn’t she draw your attention to one of these talents? Do you listen to them? What do you do with it? Anyway, don’t you care? Could you answer these questions shamefully or roughly what have you done for rap? Your remarks on Ivorian rap are unfortunately true but that it comes from you basically shows that you do not give a damn about local rap in fact you do like any good Cameroonian rapper.
He likes what is happening in the neighbor but hates his home. Very paradoxical, no?
An accomplished rapper who does not manage to develop the rap industry of his country but who contributes to the development of French Rap – yesterday and today Ivorian rap .
It’s such a shame. Long live Ivorian rap! But Cameroon rap will live on! “
Comedian Moustik Le Karismatik adds that even with all the connections and influence Pit Baccardi has, he is very self-centered. He wondered what he did to help Magasco settle when he parted ways with Empire Company.
According to social media personality, Clement Toh, Pit Baccardi is just out for money and has done nothing to help other artists other than those at his label.
To Kumba-based rapper Big G Baba, Pit Baccardi is just one of the people who do not support the industry.
Maahlox questions why Ivorian rap does not pay or shine as much as Nigerian rap shines if it is indeed the meeting point of rap in Francophone Africa.
Do you think Ivorian rap is the meeting point of French African rap? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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