Pastor Warns Tenor Not To Take Erica’s Father’s Threats Of Marrying His Dead Daughter Lightly

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Pastor Warns Tenor Not To Take Erica’s Father’s Threats Of Marrying His Dead Daughter Lightly.

A Cameroonian pastor based in Ivory Coast, Pastor Dieunedort Kamdem has explained what Erica’s father meant when he said Tenor has to marry his dead daughter.

Recall that Tenor, his driver, and a 22-year-old lady, Erica got involved in an accident a few nights ago around the Bessengue roundabout in Douala while returning from a club. Tenor and his driver survived but Erica died on the spot, unfortunately.


Shortly after the accident, Erica’s father said Tenor must perform marriage rites on his dead daughter immediately after he leaves the hospital.

According to Pastor Kamdem, Erica’s father was not just bluffing and his warnings should not be taken lightly as there is more to it than meets the eye.


Here is what the Man of God said during a live Facebook session:

“I would like to tell Tenor and his family. Erica’s father’s warning should not be taken lightly. For all those who know the Bamoun, if a Bamoun tells you “come and endow the corpse of his daughter”, that means a lot. He is trying to say, “My daughter will not go to the grave alone.” If the four of you were in the car, the four of you would leave. He’s sending a message. Endowment does not mean bringing in money. You have to come and explain how you are all in the same car and it is only his daughter who dies. The Bamouns are called a two-headed serpent, ”

As expected, Facebook users have been reacting to the Pastor’s revelation. Here are some of their comments:

Mbuh Cephas

I hope you guys understand that it’s a father, not a boyfriend talking on his daughter. Do you know what he went through to bring forth the child up to the age of death? This threat is not baseless please but all let’s just pray for God’s intervention

Tume Emmanuel

I see many people here saying things like “it serves him as a lesson and to other Youths out there”
I still don’t know what they did wrong, or maybe am missing part of the story??
An accident occurred, and she lost her life, unfortunately!!
So the fact that the others survived makes them criminals??
Was she pulled to the show? Or was she even in a relationship with the said Tenor?
Why does that father not ask the driver too to pay the bride price? Because after all, they all 3 were involved in the accident!!

Bob Robert

This will put a lot of Bamoun girls in a technically difficult situation in every relationship they are although the other partner may not openly express how he feels.

Queeni Bilola

That request is baseless in my perspective, did Tenor forced that girl to hang out with? Is she a minor? Certainly not, meaning she was out on a “Business deal” too which unfortunately didn’t yield fruits. Let that Papa go bury his daughter and allow Tenor I peace.
You can also share your reactions with us in the comment section.
Pastor Warns Tenor Not To Take Erica’s Father’s Threats Of Marrying His Dead Daughter Lightly.

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