Pascal Disses Jovi. Devil nodi really sleep!

kampiiblack | 07.05.2019 | 3 | 237 INSIDER with Kampii

Hello guys,

Who has not listened to Pascal’sDevil nodi really sleep” yet??

I mean the way he addresed Jovi in that song is something to chat about. We all saw Jovi’s Twitter posts and we all saw how humble Pascal was with his replies, but it seems things have just gotten out of hands as Pascal dropped his “Devil nodi really sleep” with lines like….

“If God get fo preach, way dey. Nobi fo Tweet”.

“When you di mala ya mala nodi try fo spit fo my mala”.

“I expect you to respect me thesame way I respect you “.

“How you wan mash my name fo take am push Tata ei music”.

Click here to listen to “Devil Nodi Really sleep“.

Should we be expecting a reply from the Mboko god??

Drop your thoughts below…


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3 thoughts on “Pascal Disses Jovi. Devil nodi really sleep!

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