Cameroonian Rapper VOC Calls Out Francis Ngannou For Failing To Use His Influence To End The Anglophone Crisis

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Cameroonian US based rapper, VOC, has taken to social media to call out Cameroonian-born UFC World Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou both doing nothing to end the anglophone crisis which has been ravaging the North West and South West regions of Cameroon for five years, even with all his influence and popularity.

VOC’s social media outing came a few hours after the UFC champion paid a visit to Buea, capital city of the South West region, one of the regions affected by the crisis, to parade his belt and celebrate his victory with the population of Buea. However, to VOC, the people of Buea and anglophone in general do not care about Ngannou’s belt.

He wrote:

Francis N’Gannou , let me start by saying that you got yourself out of that hell (Cameroon), went and “made it” in different countries (specifically the United States of America), and that is good (specifically for you and your family). Now, let me get to the major reason(s) why I am writing this post.

I wonder if the UFC , Dana White , Mike Tyson , Shaquille O’ Neal , Dwayne The Rock Johnson and many others who have met you or associate with you or do business with you understand that you are helping the genocidal government of Cameroon fool the World that they are not murdering Innocent Anglophones in their own home(s) on a daily basis. 
Why are you going to Buea to parade the streets with your so-called UFC belt? I ask this question because you have NEVER used your huge platforms to denounce or even mention the killings of Innocent Anglophones in Buea. You clearly do not care about the people of Buea, so why take your belt to show them? Oh! I know why…That genocidal government of Cameroon is again using you to fool the world that they have not been murdering Innocent Anglophones in Buea and that Buea is very peaceful and stable, but it is not.
Francis N’Gannou, let me be clear with you. Going to Buea to parade its streets with your UFC belt will not resurrect the thousands of Innocent Anglophones that have been murdered in Buea. No reasonable Anglophone especially me cares about your belt in these times, and many Anglophones are reasonable. I can bet that at least 95% of the people in Buea don’t care about your belt and don’t want you to parade their streets with your belt. Enjoy your belt with your family and your government.
As usual, fans have since been sharing their thoughts on VOC’s comment section. Here are some of their comments:

“Thank you VOC. U speak for alot of us. Francis is very strong and deserves his flowers but definitely isn’t smart or maybe don’t even care at all.”

“VOC always on point.”

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