Origin and truth behind the Tik Tok ‘Silhouette Challenge’

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Origin and truth behind the Tik Tok ‘Silhouette Challenge’.
“silhouette challenge Rediscovering your feminity.

A new trend has taken over Tik Tok and has moved over to Twitter: the silhouette challenge. This trend has generated over 150million views on Tik Tok within the past few weeks.


The #silhouettechallenge is said to have originated from Nigeria precisely in Edo state.

Lately, there is a rumor which says this challenge is devilish. Nigerian Singer Goddy Willz twitted on that. But from a personal point of view, I can not really comment on this because I am not really sure of his information on Twitter.

The reason behind this challenge

The idea behind the challenge is to allow mostly the women to explore a more risque side of themselves, rediscovering their feminity and gaining confidence without anyone actually seeing anything too private.

How to do the #silhouettechallenge

Usually, it is done in front of a doorway. The clothing is homely; think bathrobes, sweatpants, that sort of thing.

Mercy Eke big brother naija winner perfectly illustrating the start of the Tik Tok challenge.

Next, you film yourself in the doorway, naked. You then dance provocatively, and during this part of the challenge, you apply a filter using the Vin rouge filter of Snapchat. The filter changes the background to red, and you will be represented as a black silhouette. You can then post the results to Tik Tok, and in some cases, Twitter.

Image of how your video will look like once you applied the Vin rouge filter from Snapchat.

The author behind the sound used in this challenge

The sound used in this challenge is a blend of two different pieces of music; “Put your head on my shoulder” by Paul Anka which is the part where you are in your homely clothing and slides right to “streets” by Doja cat which is the part where you get really creative😉.

This sound was created by a Tik Tok user called @guiliadinicolantonio and it has been used 88000 times.

The shocking reality behind this challenge

Of recent, some men have found a way to remove the filter from people’s videos and have posted the results online. The people in the videos didn’t know this was possible and posted in good faith. And now? Their naked bodies moving seductively have been uploaded publicly. With no filter, every detail of their bodies are on show as though they are in daylight.

This video shows how someone got rid of the filter. Please ladies don’t go on this challenge completely naked.

So please, my fellow ladies who are still to do the challenge, the best advice I can give to you is not to go completely naked.

Since is all about silhouette you can still explore your body and feel confident without necessarily taking off everything.

Examples of some of the #silhouettechallange Tik Tok videos

Mercy Eke #silhouettechallange.

Couple silhouette challenge….you can guess the rest.

 Married couple exhibiting their sensuality in the silhouette challenge.

#Silhouettechallenge on heels.


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