Okay, people, I will go straight to the point and say most Cameroonian artists fail to make it because they forget the art of promotion, you see you might be born with the talent or be an amazing singer but what good is there in making good music and no one gets to hear it.

               After spending lots of money in producing and making good music then what? You go ahead and upload to your YouTube channel, twitter or Facebook account, and the music sits there and is staring at you, it is important that when making your budget for your music video or production you also save some cash for your music promotion in order to bring your music to the market. Getting an amazing video is good but what good is an amazing video if no one gets to see it.
            Let me make this clear for you, if you are about to release an album or an e.p, your cover art along with every essential fact about your track should be at the front pages of websites, magazines, blogs, Facebook pages at least. In other words, it should be the talk of the moment, even though some people won’t still click on it but at least they would be aware of your upcoming track or album. Another important point is including all your social media accounts so people can reach you.


           Nowadays there are a ton of free, impactful and promotion strategies out there, you can get your music on blogs, music sites, TV stations, radio stations etc.
If you are going to invest in creating good music why not invest in spreading it. Everyone wants to get playtime on TV stations, nowadays this is one of the best place to get your music heard and to blow as an artist, another way is getting people to talk about your music, go out there, meet bloggers have a talk with them and make things happen.

            Have you ever seen a lame track hitting top charts? Yes, it happens, all because promoters have been playing and talking about the track over and over again till people actually get to love either the beats or the crazy lyrics of the track. Boom that’s the magic of promotion.



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