Cameroonian Popular Musician and Boss of Lionn Productions has taken to social media to ask for forgiveness from Singers Kameni and Gomez, who are former artistes of his label.

According to Mr. Leo, Kameni and Gomez are his younger ones and he is pleading on everyone to keep supporting them.

He adds that his doots are open to them and if he had wronged them in any way, they should please forgive him.

Remember that Gomez equally took to social media recently to beg for forgiveness from Mr. Leo for all the terrible things he said about him after leaving Lionn Productions.

Kameni had during an interview with TV host, Darling Lyonga revealed that her experience at Lionn Productions was not a good one. According to her, she was exploited and Record labels in Cameroon have failed to carry out their responsibilities as expected.

Here is Mr. Leo’s write up:

“Nobody is perfect. We learn every day
Kameni & GOMEZ OBA are still my younger ones and I plead on everyone to keep supporting them.

“If Myself and all of Cameroon saw something in them at the beginning, it means that thing is still inside, and it’s our gain if it spreads love, joy and happiness to the world.

“If i wronged you guys in any way, please forgive me. My Door is Always Open, I’m a phone call away. And of course, the management at Lionn Productions is always more than happy to respond to any doubts or queries you may have. Nothing beats dialogue.”


By Nkafu

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