Nigerian Superstar Teni Set To Visit Cameroon

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Nigerian music superstar Teni is set to visit Cameroon in two weeks for an exclusive music showcase. Nigerian Superstar Teni Set To Visit Cameroon

Teni will be performing on the 5th and 6th of March 2021 in two of Cameroon’s biggest cities: Douala and Yaounde. Both concerts have been organized by Twist and Bet Eto’o, a betting company owned by Cameroonian football legend, Samuel Eto’o.

This is coming just on the heels of a banned Naira Marley concert which has been the number one trending topic in the Cameroon entertainment industry for the past two weeks. Naira Marley was scheduled to perform in Limbe on February 14th, 2021 but the concert was banned by local authorities on the basis that Naira Marley is a bad influence on the youths due to his kind of music which encourages immorality, street violence, drugs, and crime.

According to some sources including Cameroonian singer Wax Dey, some Cameroonian entertainers had a hand in the cancellation of the concert. Beyond that, there has been an ongoing campaign for weeks now for foreign music especially Nigerian music to either be banned completely in Cameroon or restricted to only about 20%.

Most music fans who have heard about Teni’s upcoming visit to Cameroon are already wondering if she will equally be banned from performing in Cameroon. Well, if truly Naira Marley was banned from performing in Cameroon because of his kind of music which encourages immorality, street violence, drugs, and crime, then we should expect Ten’s case to be different. For a fact, she is one of the most decent and morally upright artists Nigeria can boast of.

What are your thoughts on Teni’s upcoming visit to Cameroon? Do you think she will successfully hold two concerts in Cameroon when his countryman Naira Marley failed to hold one? Share your thought with us in the comment section.


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