Nigerian Chef, Damilola Adeparusi AKA Chef Dammy has now broken Hilda Bacci’s 100 hours cooking record.

By Tuesday morning, Chef Dammy had cooked for 105 hours and counting. She intends to cook for 120 hours.

Chef Dammy embarked on the journey with the support of Spirit Global Mission on Friday, June 9th, 2023.

When the news first broke, it took everyone by surprise because it had only been a month since the last attempt by Hilda Bacci. However, Damilola’s determination and continuous cooking soon captivated the internet, causing a wave of excitement.

There have been some claims that she takes breaks, turns off the cooking gas, and even goes to bed, which some people argue should disqualify her. Well, it will be up to Guinness World Records to make a decision based on the evidence presented.

Despite the controversies surrounding her achievement, Damilola has also received a lot of support. The First Lady of Ekiti State, where the cook-a-thon is taking place, has shown her encouragement, and even Hilda Baci herself wished her good luck.

105 hours down and 15 more hours to go; Chef Dammy determined to reach her 120 hours target.


By Nkafu

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