[New song] Intercontinental Booty by Blaise Juzy.

kampiiblack | 06.03.2019 | 0 | LATEST TRACKS

Limbe base reggae dancehall singer/songwriter Blaise Juzy AKA Glamour King finally drops his latest video under the label TEGHEN MUSIC titled Intercontinental Booty, a sensational and unique system of dancehall.

Blaise Juzy is one of the best in Limbe when it comes to dancehall and also one of the headlining artist in Limbe. So keep your heads high and retain this name because there’s a lot more coming from this youngster.

CLICK HERE to watch Intercontinental Booty

Intercontinental Booty is now available on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

“Please I need all the support i can get this cuz I know without you guys I can never be at this position so please I really need your supports no matter how small”- Blaise juzy.


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