Ndedi Eyango apologizes on behalf of his Twin daughters.

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Ndedi Eyango apologizes on behalf of his Twin daughters

Cameroon veteran musician and father Ndedi Eyango has appeared on media to clear the ongoing brouhaha that entangles his daughters. 

The music duo “The Eyango’s” Kamila and mina were recently dragged by their fans for putting on wears that exposed their skin. See some of the pictures below.

Matters rose to the peak when the PR of the Music Duo posted a picture of Beyonce with the caption which said, when it is Beyonce who dresses naked nobody will talk but when it is a Cameroonian tongue start waging..see post below

The father of the twin, Ndedi Eyango who is known for his calm look, intervened to apologize on behalf of his daughters.

He said:

“Dear fans I personally want to apologize for the recent posts that have been posted on the official Eyango Girls Facebook page. Especially those comparing them to other internationally renowned artists. For them to concentrate on their activities, I had entrusted the management of their page to a (Community Manager) who without our approval decided to make publications that go beyond the framework of our values. We are sorry if some of these publications have struck your sensibilities and reassure you that they do not reflect our thoughts. From this moment we promise you that all posts on this page will now be checked. Thanks for your understanding.

What do you think about this entire saga, were the fans right to call the girls to order, or they went a little too far? Leave your comment on our website, don’t forget to subscribe to our website for more exciting gifts. 


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