“Naira Marley’s Show Was Cancelled On Instructions From The Presidency” – Wax Dey

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Cameroonian singer, songwriter, Entrepreneur, Social activist, and founder of Calabash Music, Nde Ndifonka, popularly known by his stage name as Wax Dey has taken to social media to give reasons for the cancellation of the Naira Marley concert which was scheduled to hold on February 14, 2021. “Naira Marley’s Show Was Cancelled On Instructions From The Presidency” – Wax Dey

According to Wax Dey, he has been reliably informed from the Ministry of Arts and Culture that the show was canceled following instructions from the presidency after a group of artists laid a complaint there. Wax Dey did not however say who exactly these artists are but added that they are clueless artists who are using their contacts to misguide the administration. This to him does not only serve as an undue punishment to young cultural entrepreneurs but also rob Cameroonians of the benefit of cultural exchange.


He goes on to wonder what will happen if countries like Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire,wh and others where Cameroonian artists are invited from time to time to perform stop inviting them.

Wax dey still believes that the decision can be overturned if we think deeper about the cultural, economic, and diplomatic impact of this and approach the same administration respectfully with a full picture.


And if you are wondering if Wax Dey is a fan of Naira Marley’s music going by his last post, Wax Dey says he doesn’t endorse Naira Marley’s philosophies but chooses to appreciate art in all its form.



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