Naira Marley Concert Banned In Limbe By Authorities

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The much-anticipated concert of Nigerian Afrobeat superstar Naira Marley, which was scheduled for the Mile 4 Amusement park in Limbe this Valentine’s Day has been banned by authorities in Limbe. The venue was sealed by security officers just a few hours to kick-off time. Naira Marley Concert Banned In Limbe By Authorities

According to the Divisional Officer of Limbe 1 who issued the ban, he is simply following instructions from above.

According to a few other sources, the concert has been banned because of the controversial star’s type of music which encourages immorality, street violence, and crime. Covid-19 has also been cited by some as a possible reason for the ban. However, that doesn’t make sense to many considering Congolese artist, Fally Ipupa performed at similar crow pulling concerts in two of Cameroon’s biggest cities, two nights ago in Douala and last night in Yaounde.

The Naira Marley concert was originally scheduled to hold in Buea at the Omnisport Stadium but was moved to Limbe as a result of last-minute issues between the organizers and authorities in Buea.

Now that the concert has been banned from holding in Limbe as well, it is not clear where the next venue will be or if it will hold at all. Fans are still hopeful the organizers will find a way to make it happen.


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