“My Biggest Mistake Was To Bring World Cups To Africa” Sepp Blatter”

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Former FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) President, Joseph Sepp Blatter has revealed that his biggest mistake throughout his time at the helm of the federation was stagging different world cup tournaments in Africa.

Sepp Blatter
Former FIFA President

Recall that in 2009 and 2010, Africa hosted all the FIFA World Cups. Nigeria hosted the U-17 World Cup in 2009, Egypt hosted the U-20 still in 2009 and South Africa hosted the biggest of them all, the senior World Cup in 2010. According to Blatter, the scenario created enmity for him, although he is not regretting he made such a mistake.

I am proud of this mistake, it made me to be hated by anti-Africans, they started to investigate us, they brought up propaganda information that blackmailed us.” The 84-year-old Swiss-born added that things escalated when he launched a one goal organization to build African infrastructure, and that upset the western world and this is the only mistake he will always be proud of.

According to Sepp Blatter, Africa has produced phenomenal players in the world and giving them an opportunity to host some of the world’s biggest tournaments was well deserved.  “If our Organization was that corrupt why until today Africa has not been funded with money to improve their infrastructure? because one goal was operation wrap speed, we were starting to build better pitches and we were stopped. “ Blatter said.

Sepp Blatter
Former FIFA President

Sepp Blatter was the eighth President of FIFA. He stayed at the helm of the federation for 17 years but resigned in June 2015, just months after being reelected as the body’s president, due to pressure from an American investigation into corruption charges.


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