Mr. Leo’s Baby Mama, Asaba Reveals Why She Joined The Music Industry

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Mary Asaba is a budding Cameroonian singer signed to the StarFish Entertainment record label. She came into the Cameroonian music scene in 2020 with the release of her first single “Yele.” But before that, she was known to many as the baby mama of Cameroon’s popular singer Mr. Leo. Mr. Leo’s Baby Mama, Asaba Reveals Why She Joined The Music Industry

Recently though, Asaba as she is known artistically released another single titled “Big Dreams” and on that track, she has revealed why she has taken the bold step of joining the music industry. According to Asaba, she just wants to inspire this generation with good music, bring sweet melody to them, and get self-satisfaction from it, because music is one thing she is very passionate about.


Secondly, Asaba wants to build a name for herself and leave her legacy just like stars as the late Manu Dibango, Charlotte Dipanda from Cameroon, Simi from Nigeria, and Rihanna from the USA; stars whom she admires and look up to. She wants her name to be stuck on the lips of everyone who listens to her sing. She believes she will be there sooner.

And she is gradually achieving that dream if we have to look at how successful and phenomena her ride has been in just this short while she has been in the music industry. Her first track, “Yele” was breathtaking and has in a way changed the narrative from Asaba, the Baby Mama of Mr. Leo to Asaba, the talented singer.


Throwback photo of Mr. Leo and Asaba


She also proved her worth on BlaiseB’s Christmas track Jingle Bells; she delivered her lines amazingly. And this year she is one of the first Cameroonian artists to drop a song. Her song “Big Dreams” has been trending and topping playlists on local radio stations, TV channels, and personal gadgets. She has done well so far and is just beginning to live her dream of being famous and great.


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