Aim High.

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It begins with an actual realisation of its endless beauty & natural exclusiveness.Stands distinct across West Africa with an elevation of 4040m(13250ft) & a prominence of 3901m.Mount Cameroon is an endless cradle of fascinations. Notable for its pleasantly outline vegetation that stands visible across the cities of the south west region. Growing up as a child the most captivating displays I kept evergreen in my mind is the radiant display of the midday sun & the sun towards dusk.I always seek out for high grounds to witness this great spectacle.Far out or close enough,I always stood stunned by this golden display.Even tourists come to witness this glowing spectacle.The pioneer tourists who visited the mountain had a remarkable experience.Their longing for a close view of the mountain changed the status of the mountain significantly.One of the tourist worked as the General Manager of Guinness Cameroon. These tourists were accompanied to the mountain by guides and porters amongst them Amos Evambe who won the race in 1975.As these tourists were on their way back to town, the decided to encourage their children by promising to offer a prize to whoever reaches the house first. At home that evening, they offered varied prizes to the children.The following evening, the tourists, who resided at the Buea Mountain Hotel, decided to organise a party whereby all the porters and guides who accompanied them to the mountain were invited. According to these tourists they wanted to appreciate these humble men who took them and their children to and from the mountain.While feasting, they began talking about their experiences and the zeal their children while coming back knowing they will earn a gift. This anxiety to make something at the end caused them to of that tedious journey which their children expressed caused them to take the challenge of organising a walking race to the summit, which at the end resulted to a running race. The race was named the Guinness Mount Cameroon Race.


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