A young lady in Buea, Cameroon, Shina Marie, who recently went viral after her boyfriend Lapash, placed her on a billboard and showered her with Luxurious gifts on her birthday, is trending on the social media again.
This time, it is because the boy has broken up with her.

Their relationship was recently considered the most expensive in Buea, as Shina did not fail to show social the Luxurious lifestyle she was enjoying.

Well, things have now gone soar. The young lovebirds reportedly broke up because the boy impregnated another lady and Shina Marie found out.

It is alleged that Shina Marie is in huge debts due to the expensive lifestyle her ex had introduced her to. There are videos of girls on Tiktok calling her out to refund the money, expensive human hairs and other valuables she owes them.

This is happening when the billboard her ex made for her still stands tall at UB Junction in Buea and this same ex is reportedly in a new relationship with the girl he impregnated.


By Nkafu

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