Michelle Ndoki Condemns The Jailing Of Crossdresser Shakiro, Says Homosexuality Is Natural

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Cameroonian renowned political figure and civil society activist, Barrister Michelle Ndoki has condemned the jailing of two crossdressers in Cameroon, adding that homosexuality is natural and it is a way of being.

Two crossdressers, Shakiro and Patricia were recently sentenced to a 5-year jail term by the Douala Court of First Instance for practicing homosexuality. Barrister Michelle Ndoki on a Facebook post this May 14, 2021, says we must accept homosexuality out of respect for creation.

She wrote: “We will say it again because it must be heard: homosexuality is natural, it is a way to be. It is a phenomenon of nature, a part of creation. It may not be understood, like many fringe phenomena (almost the entire population is not homosexual.) We must accept it, out of respect for creation, out of respect for our human nature.”

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Homosexuality is an outright crime in Cameroon. Article 347-1 of the Cameroon penal code prohibits sexual relations with a person of the same sex with a penalty of between six months to five years imprisonment, as well as a fine.

Thus homosexuality is clearly forbidden in Cameroon but Barrister Ndoki thinks the law that forbids the act clearly disrespects creation and human nature. But what do other Cameroonians think about this. Here are some of their reactions to Barrister Ndoki’s post:

“Cameroon is an African country and in Africa, we have our culture, we don’t know that so please go far with it,” a Facebook user writes.

Another user writes “It’s true thank you for saying it but if one day you find out your son is one of them I just hope you keep the same thought. Thank you, thank you.”

“Natural or not, it is planned and suppressed by the Cameroonian Criminal Code. Let’s just obey the law,” another user adds.

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