Mic Monsta crowns himself “kingmaker” of rap in Cameroon.

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Mic Monsta crowns himself “kingmaker” of rap in Cameroon.

CEO of Kwata Music and “mayor of punchline district” as commonly called by his fans, took to his Facebook handle yesterday to crown himself king of Cameroon rap music. Mic Monsta being self-confident said, he is in no competition with anyone for the rap throne “ur favs want to be king but I’m a kingmaker”.


Fans and lovers of Cameroon music received these words from Mic with mixed feelings because the rap throne has been occupied by Jovi for a while. According to fans, Jovi has been the only consistent and image of rap in Cameroon. Apart from the fact he has been in the game before Mic, he shined the light on mic career after their hit collab “Bwam”.

Each time the question of “who is the best rapper in Cameroon” pop’s up, It puts the fans in disarray. Apparently, we have several schools of thoughts projecting their king to the rap throne, Mbokogang (Jovi) king kong (Stanley enow) kwata fans (Mic Monsta)

This is what mic wrote. “I’m not in any competition with any rapper in this country it’s obvious my music will live forever so I already won” see screenshot



Nevertheless, the stats of Mic Monsta can’t be covered. Mic has been consistent in the past years Dropping loaded albums like “kwata diary” and hits like “Johnny”. This has placed mic amongst the top 5 rappers in the country but being the 1st, is a whole new book of Shakespeare filled with coded dictions difficult to digest.


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