Mel B Calls Out Haters For Criticizing Her For Bleaching Her Skin But Praising Other Stars For Doing Same

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Cameroonian popular singer, Mel B Akwen took to social media this Thursday, March 11, 2021, to call out haters for playing the double standard game when it comes to her and skin bleaching. Mel B Calls Out Haters For Criticizing Her For Bleaching Her Skin But Praising Other Stars For Doing Same

According to the “Bella” crooner, she is just curious to understand why when her colleagues do njangsang (bleach their skin), people say they are just toning their complexion and think it is ok but when it comes to her, they call her “Njangsang Queen and don’t think it is ok”

She wrote:

I get small question oh my loves🙈..
Why na sey, when my colleagues dem do Njangsang nor, mehn dem di tok sey dey just di clean their skin small and ei be ok🤭..But when na me, dem di call me “Ndjangsang Queen?” and ei no bi ok 🤣.(Eventhough i no mind the title ooh🤩)..
Na sey ma own ndjangsang different or na sey i nodi clean ma own skin too small?😜
(Just for fun ooh, no over checkam😆)
Well as usual, netizens had a lot to say. For most of them, she is free to do whatever she wants with her body.
“My sister what makes you prettier when you can afford, get it, I think you are very pretty many do not do djansang but go for surgery and products to change their appearance but see them talking about djansang lol,” a fan writes.
How Mel B looked before bleaching her skin


How Mel B looks now
Mel B is definitely one of the very few Cameroonian stars who have openly admitted that they are into skin bleaching and are very proud of the way their skin looks now. According to Mel B, skin bleaching is a choice and she has never regretted bleaching her skin because when she was darker, nobody told her she was beautiful and she wasn’t getting the opportunities she is now getting because of her new complexion.

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