Mel B Akwen And Fiance Expecting First Baby Together

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Cameroonian talented singer, Mel B Akwen AKA La Pichichi took to social media this Wednesday, March 17, 2021, to announce that she is expecting her first baby in just a few months with her longtime fiance, Kay Nine. Mel B Akwen And Fiance Expecting First Baby Together

Accompanied with a gorgeous belly bump photo, Mel B wrote:

“My fiance and I, are pleased to announce to my Akwenians and the world that, we will be welcoming our first baby in just a few months🙈👶😁. A big thank you as well, to all who already knew and protected our privacy. You are true ones🎙. God over everything my loves😇.. 

As expected, the Akwenians (fans and supporters of the Bella hitmaker) who were amazed at the great news flooded the comment section with congratulatory messages.

“That is what I have been waiting for since my star! A little Mel B  will be welcomed with love among us. Wishing you well my Bella,” a Facebook fan writes.

“Whaoh this is great news. Congratulations girl. I wish you safety throughout your pregnancy and a safe delivery too. May God protect you and the precious little cupcake you are carrying,” another fan writes.

Mel B and Kay Nine who is also her manager have been together for several years. According to Mel B, Kay nine is her guardian angel in disguise, she met him when she was still very young and took him as a role model. She copied everything he did including being tough as a  man. And above all, he gave up his music career, so he could have a chance at hers. This was revealed by Mel B while celebrating the birthday of her guardian angel a few months back.


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