Meet Scanny, Cameroon’s Upcoming Versatile Hip Hop Sensation

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Every artist definitely has a strong story behind their music career, but when you meet one whose story is not just a strong one but intriguing and inspiring, one who has fought all his life to live his dream, then their story is definitely worth sharing. That is why we have chosen to discover this budding music talent with a great story.

Mebune Thierry Nkoueh known artistically as Scanny, is a young talented and versatile music act who hails from Mutengene AKA Cham City, in the South West region of Cameroon.

He currently does hip hop but as a versatile artist, he plans to venture into a few other genres in the nearest future.
24 year old Scanny  says his dream of becoming a musician started as far back as in primary school when he was just a child. His love for music grew even stronger when he got into secondary school and in form 2, at just 11; he started writing songs, using a book he had dedicated for that.

However, as one would expect in most cases, his mother wasn’t comfortable with the idea of her son becoming a musician. So she got rid of his music book. Scanny says she was deeply hurt by that but that didn’t stop him. He continued writing songs but made sure his mom knew nothing about it. But as expected, nothing is hidden forever, as his mom found out just a few years later that he was still nursing the dream of being a musician. Again, she took the book away but that did not kill his passion for music. However, his passion was temporarily  conquered by fear.

Scanny finally started living his music dream when he got into the university in 2015. He did his first recording and continued learning music privately. So he was slowly letting his passion for music conquer fear. In 2018, he took music lessons at a music record label in Cyprus.
And now, Scanny has decided to completely break away from his fears and pursue music.

Scanny has released two songs so far. One of them is titled Fastlane. According to him, the inspiration for this song came from a breakup with his ex-girlfriend. With the other song Real Life Shit, he says he was inspired by the experiences he has had in the past and what he has gone through to be what he is now.

He is most grateful to music producer, Jayon OTB for mentoring him and helping him come up with such great pieces.
According to Scanny, his dream is to ensure he keeps putting out good music which is not just enjoyable but relatable by many. He is hoping to become a great artist, one who people can look up to and be inspired.

Here are the links to Scanny’s songs. Be rest assured, you won’t regret listening to these tracks.




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