Martin, Stanley Enow’s Brother Rejects Ko-C’s Apology, Rains Insults On Him

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Martin Enow who is the brother of Cameroonian ace rapper Stanley Enow has taken to social media in a series of posts to reject the apology that Cameroon’s fastest rapper Ko-C issued to Stanley and fans moments ago. Martin, Stanley Enow’s Brother Rejects Ko-C’s Apology, Rains Insults On Him.


Moments before Martin’s outburst, Ko-C had issued an apology to Stanley Enow and fans for saying certain things that appeared to many as unpleasant and disrespectful to Stanley in one of his most viral Facebook videos.

Stanley Enow has not yet reacted to Ko-C’s apology message but his brother who has always been a strong vocal supporter of the rapper has been quick to do so. In a series of posts on Facebook, Martin Enow was quick to describe the apology as fake and went on to render insults on Ko-C.

“I already told you ya boy Ko-C was coming up with an apology like his yam colleague Fhish. Tu vas lire l’heure perika.

“Go throw that apology into your mother’s ver stupid vag…an. Ko-C boy, when it is above u an apology be next thing.” Martin Enow wrote.

Martin didn’t just end there but went on to rain insults on Ko-C’s mother and grandmother as well.

Oh oh now I see. Not even his fault. Baby Ko-C  wackass grandma conceived his very stupid jackass mama via da anus and gave birth to da idiot via da same channel. That is why da nigga be spitting shit that be stinking like diarrhea and menstrual blood juice spice with rotten sperms.” he added.

Martin however got slammed by most music lovers in Cameroon for being very abusive in his posts, not only to Ko-C but to his mother and grandmother as well. That to them is totally unacceptable. They’ve added that it is not in Martin’s place to judge whether the apology was sincere or fake since it wasn’t particularly directed to him. Perhaps he should have let Stanley Enow do that himself.





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