Marlene Emvoutou shades Nathalie Koah for not valuing education and spending lavishly

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Marlene Emvoutou shades Nathalie Koah for not valuing education and spending lavishly

One of Cameroon heavyweight personalities Marlene has come at business guru Nathalie Koah for setting bad examples for young girls.

Marlene emvoutou is an MBA holder, she’s an entrepreneur, Social activist, businesswoman, and has run for the post of FECAFOOT but fell shot.

Granting an interview in CAM10, the social activist, commented that Nathalie can’t be operating a business of 10million frs but spending 20million every night.

She further asks how those young girls looking up to her will think because looking at all angles Nathalie can’t raise what she spends.

The former FECAFOOT candidate spill the beans by questioning the academic and economic background of Nathalie. That as an influencer being followed by millions many little girls out there want to be like her but she is not teaching the right way. She mentioned the 22 year old Erika who died in the fatal accident in Tenor’s car, who wanted to be an influencer and wanted a picture with Tenor but didn’t live to fulfill her dreams.

“You cannot have a store of less than 10 million francs worth of capital and you spend 20 million francs in a night. We are not saying someone can’t have such money but when such narratives reach intellectuals like us, we try to find a balance…

You spend 20 million francs a night and a small immature girl watches and says ‘Oh! I love to be like her but how did she get there?’ We question the academic background, we can’t find any; we even question the economic background, nothing. Someone with a store the size of Nathalie Koah’s cannot spend 20 million francs a night. That store isn’t even worth 10 million francs.

Being followed (on social media) by one million people is a phenomenon that needs true studies, be it commercial, marketing, judiciary, social… Young girls watch. Even the little girl (Erika) who lost her life wanted to be an influencer. She wanted a selfie with Tenor and was ready to do anything for it so that it will be said she went out with a star.

An entire female generation is being distanced from intellectual ambition. Women like myself with 25 years of education aren’t attractive to young girls who ask “Does that give money?”

Society imposes models, and girls now think they mustn’t go to school to have money.

The Cameroon society is pulling the woman 30 to 40 years behind to think she must be with a man to be someone. It’s for such reason that, as a feminist, I strongly criticise irresponsible posts of Nathalie Koah,” Marlene said.

Marlene Emvoutou shades Nathalie Koah for not valuing education and spending lavishly



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