Magasco Outlines Steps That Need To Be Taken Before Cameroonian Artists Start Winning Grammys And Other Big Awards

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The buzz the Grammys 2021 brought with it is definitely not going away anytime soon. Cameroon Afrojang singer, Magasco recently took to social media to outline steps Cameroonian music and culture lovers, in particular, have to take before he and other artists from Cameroon start winning Grammys, Oscars, and other big awards. Magasco Outlines Steps That Need To Be Taken Before Cameroonian Artists Start Winning Grammys And Other Big Awards

Well, a Cameroonian artist winning a Grammy in particular, is what every music lover in Cameroon prays for. The only artist from the country to have ever won a Grammy is Richard Bona who has now denounced his Cameroonian citizenship for Ghanaian. So as it stands now, no Cameroonian artist has ever won a Grammy. Such major awards may not be coming now but with the work, some artists in the country have put into their acts, fans are confident the awards will definitely come in the nearest future and so does Magasco.

Magasco, Cameroonian Afrobeat singer

However, according to the Sokoto hitmaker, there are three steps we need to take before giving him and others such awards.

Firstly, Magasco thinks music lovers have not developed the culture of using credit cards and bank accounts. And thus, that makes it very difficult for album purchases. That to him needs to be worked on.

Secondly, the BBoy records CEO thinks internet presence is also key. According to him, for them to get the required support, more and more music lovers need to be present online as not all of them are.

Finally, unity will also go a long way to build a bigger and stronger industry and of course, get the major awards. It will therefore be important for music lovers to unite behind music projects whenever they are released.

What are your thoughts on these steps outlined by Magasco as steps which are necessary for them to get the major awards? Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section.



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