Rapper, Maahlox, has insulted and dragged fellow rapper, Stanley Enow to the mud for allegedly showing him fake love.

Few days ago, Maahlox lost his Facebook page to a hacker whose name we got as Thanos Le Destructeur. Maahlox decided to create a new Facebook page. Since then he has been receiving support from his colleagues including Stanley Enow, who have been calling on their fans to follow Maahlox’s new page.

Maahlox however in a recent video has poured insults on most of them, especially Stanley Enow, describing his support as fake love.

Maahlox accused Stanley of using the situation to chase clout. He was equally very angry with the fact that Stanley Enow did not spell his name correctly.

Photo Credit: Nexdime Empire

The “ça sort come ça sort” crooner also accused Stanley of blocking artists when he was at the top.

Maahlox and Stanley Enow have not been in good terms for years and Maahlox is always vocal about that. Maahlox has been throwing shots at Stanley for quite a while.
You will recall how he disrespected Stanley Enow by comparing his success to that of Libianca.

When Stanley Enow released “Takeova”, he was equally attacked by Maahlox but he remained silent.
Instead, he decided to extend love to Maahlox by encouraging his fans to follow his new page, but Maahlox didn’t take this well.


By Nkafu

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