Maahlox claps back at Jovi for saying he receives low cash for concerts

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Maahlox claps back at Jovi for saying he receives low cash for concerts.

237 rapper Maalox le vibeur in a recent outing claps back at Jovi who placed him amongst artists who receive low payment for concerts.

It all started on Twitter when a fan tweeted that Jovi is not a mainstream artist in Cameroon. The rapper and producer told the fan he is the highest-paid artist in the country by Album sales and shows.

The CEO of Newbell Music further used Rappers like Minks, Maahlox, and Tenor who once received low payments for a show in Katios Night club.


Since Jovi made this revelation, fans have been fighting on social media on the topic “Who is the highest-paid rapper in Cameroon. Some also question the paycheck of Maahlox who recently built a house and owns a Bar.


As usual, The street rapper clapped back at Jovi, saying at a time where their colleague Tenor needs prayers he is using it to get cheap tension. He went further to say, Jovi’s time has passed.

Take a good look at these images taken on the spot and read through them the sweat, the blood and the tears ,the fights the defeats and the victories that make A MAN A MAN and go tell this WOMAN who pronounces my name on Twitter there that the view of his BALD in the mirror fools him every morning.

He and I are not made of the same wood I am A BORN LEADER

I made it in less than 10 years without media and other support like him (seeing he has quickly forgotten that it is Céline fosto I Wanda foundation magazine mouna trace TV channel 2 etc … who made him what he is ) which is something he can never do even in his biggest dreams

Jovi you’re just a studio rat who is so happy to stay locked in a cabin telling real life stories in your albums. The real life stories that we live outside while you fantasize .

Know that your time has already passed to achieve anything in music and showbizz, be contented to just give your support to the little ones and young generation that you spend your time fighting or shut your mouth forever.

For the moment our colleague is lying in the hospital fighting between life and death .
everyone is busy praying that he gets up from his bed and continue to carry the 237music torch higher.

We are supporting him in every way possible but you ” the goat ” you rather want to take advantage of this moment to revive your shitty little career.

Since then I’ve been ignoring you but I see that you are already confusing yourself with the wrong opponent .

First of all look at the person before starting your nonsense with him .
I will make you swallow your teeth you have been warned”

Do you think the Mboko God will let this slide? Stay glued as we follow this beef.

Maahlox claps back at Jovi for saying he receives low cash for concerts


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