Listen to “Slack eggs” by one of limbe’s finest Skiny bits.

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After producing one of Limbe’s finest collabo of all times “Limbenian” last year, Skiny bits a rapper/singer and songwriter AKA Yo beatz has gone on to release his own single by title “Slack eggs(D.W.I.A)” of which he actually uses common ideas to bring out how our society of today affects our everyday life, be it in a positive or negative way.

Click here To listen to “slack eggs”

This inspiration actually came through during a studio freestyle session and was then turned into a real song. This guy is nothing like any Artist/Producer seen so far, a real funny calm humble natured person but serious when it’s working time… If you where told this guy could sing would you have believe that?? So he is not just ending at spitting hard bars.

Slack eggs was written in pidgin, English, French and his mother tongue.

This piece is be available on YouTube and all online streaming sites.

Click here to listen to “Slack eggs”

You can link up with Skiny bits AKA Yo beatz on

IG: Skiny bits
Twitter: Skiny bits
Facebook: Skiny bits

* Contact management@
+(237) 670 030 078 or
+(237) 695 304 193


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