Cameroonian US based Singer, Libianca recently emerged as Winner of the BET Viewer’s Choice: Best International Act Award.

However, according to Ko-C’s former Manager, Donald Woods, despite Libianca’s win, fame and glory, she has not proven to the World that she is from Cameroon or tell the world about Cameroon and her talents, unlike Stanley Enow, Onana Eto’o and others.

Rather, when she won her award, all she could do was thank her mom and do a write up for her boyfriend.

Read his full write up:

<< Stanley Enow winning the MTV MAMAs was greatly impactful and game changing to our industry than Libianca’s win.

When Stanley won, he ran to the stage with a Cameroonian flag and also talked about makossa and the rise of urban music in our industry.

Libianca’s win has only opened our eyes to the fact that we can make it to the top and globally coming from Cameroon and that we have to be very professional and sing music that heals the soul.

But if you are honest with me, apart from the expression in her song « It’s Libianca ah, from Bamenda ah, she hasn’t really proven to the world she is from that part of the world and that the same people who aren’t Cameroonians should pay attention to talents from that territory.

Stanley sold our nation, like Samule Eto’o, Onana, etc.

Let’s applaud Libianca but hoping the game would change from her influence, is a wrong bet trust me.

She was exposed to a very big stage but didn’t seize that opportunity to sell the nation like DAVIDO did some 5 years back rather thanked her mothers and later on went to make a post about HER BOYFRIEND 😳

Before you attack me Hein, know that I don’t bend things and don’t mind the hatred I attract from saying things like they are.

How many big names from here have congratulated her, how many of them has she replied 😎

Make Ayra Star drop comment and see how fast she would react.

Congratulations to her for winning, it’s growth but we have to make our moves using her examples not that she would make it easier for us, to me she doesn’t have this nation at heart enough to sell it to the world.>>


By Nkafu

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