Le prince Records sign Street Rapper D’slyk

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Fonkou Robert Takou music name D’slyk Gongolo also known by his fans as “lyrical Gbish Ghish” yesterday joined Le Prince Records as one of the flag bearers under the label. Le prince Records sign Street Rapper D’slyk

Robert Takou was born and breathed in Kumba. He tutored in CCAS and CCAST Bambili North West region of Cameroon. He got his ordinary level at GBHS Dshang and obtained his Advance level Certificate in GBHS Kosala.

D’slyk has been a lover of music since childhood but dropped out of The University After his “panda” freestyle went viral to pursue his music career.

D’slyk rose to fame following his famous ghetto freestyle which was loved by many. This viral freestyle put D’slyk in the spotlight and the lips of everyone both streets and media. No blog wanted to be left behind without sharing D’slyk freestyle. He was at one point called a “wonder rapper”.

The street gongolo as usually called, fame came as a mixed blessing because the expectations of his fans were 100%, waiting for him to deliver any time he is called. But that was not the case because D’slyk was gradually building an empire, lingering for the right time to explode.

Robert joined the Savagecash crew where they dropped a couple of bangers like “feel good” which was widely acclaimed. Savagecash who has been in the game held D’slyk and they boarded flights, signed a couple of deals that kept the young rapper running.

The rapper unveiled his new label, which is one of the big names in the industry le prince records. See pictures below

The son of a carpenter’s verse on Skidi boy-Pablo(all-stars remix) proved to his fans he hasn’t been dulling on his lyrical punchlines. D’slyke will be releasing his first-ever single under le prince records on the 12th of Match.


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