Last minute Valentine’s gift to have the “OMG look” on his face.

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Hello readers, Happy Valentine’s Day. OMG, I can’t believe we already on the 14 of February. Jezzz! This is a very special day because is the only day of the year when love is actually celebrated worldwide.

Today I am actually writing for the ladies😉. Ladies, I think it’s time we have a review on the kind of gifts we have been offering to our man for the last couple of years.

This is 2021, Hola!🙄. Let’s dare to bring about some changes. The idea of “boxers” and “underwear” all wrapped in a gift box has become too clitché, don’t you think so? We need to be more creative this year ladies.

Our men storm the hills and go through heights just to please us and make us happy. Don’t you think we should switch roles for a bit and make them feel like the true Kings they are in our lives?

Well, I am going to be sharing with you 15 brilliant affordable ideas you could do to storm their brains and have that OMG look on their face if you know what I mean😏.

1. Cologne

Men’s colognes ideas.

Yes ladies, cologne. Men love to smell good and we do too love when they smell that good because it drives our senses and make us think wild😏. Having a cologne for your man is a great idea and ladies, men never have too much cologne so don’t hesitate and get that which soothe your scent.

2. Gift Basket

An idea of a gift basket you could offer your man.

Use the colors red, white, and pink for any article you want to get for him and place them in the basket. This is a really thoughtful gift since it will encompass the small details he likes in life.

3. Chocolates

I know you should be surprised about this gift idea but yeah, chocolates are pretty a great idea if you know how to divert his view about that. Just get innovative and make him smile whenever he sees chocolates or a wrap of chocolate around😁.

Well, my tip here is ” offer the box of chocolate to him in preference in an intimate area, unwrap them one after another with each one of them been played on his body…” So can guess the rest from here.

4. Jewelry

Ideas of Bracelets and chains you could offer.

Men love to look all good and swag. Offering him a piece of jewelry or a set of jewelry will definitely mark him for a very long period of time since he is definitely always going to be having it on.

Personalized chains and bracelets are a great idea too.

Examples of personalized jewelry.

5. A pair Shoe

This will all depend on the preference of your man.

Your man probably has been wanting or eyeing some pairs of shoes or sneakers. This will definitely be a huge blow to his face if he unwraps the gift and sees it in front of him. Ladies, little details matter for such little details can melt a man’s heart❤️.

6. A Date Night

A classic date night around a table with candles and your favorite snack.

Yes, a date night. It could be from having dinner with his favorite meal, watching his favorite series or movies if he is a game lover playing his favorite game together, or watching his favorite sports recap or direct. It could also be fun and transformed into a game night. So long as you both share an activity together.

Just be as creative as you can. Let the sky be your limit for this day.

7. A Memory ScrapBook

An idea of how a memory scrapbook looks like.

Here you put in all the memories you have ever shared together either manually or with the help of technology where you could play some romantic sounds in the background as the pictures slide one after another.

8. Personalised Key Chain

A picture or a personalized word along with it could really be a cute gift. This will put a smile on his face every time he will want to use the key of his appointment or his car😉.

9. Watch

Some collection of male watches.

This will be a kind of special gift since it will always keep him on time for all his important appointments.

10. Wallet

This is a good gift since it will keep all his stuff organized.

11. A Non-Compromise gift

Just keep pampering him…

Well, ladies, this gift is for those who don’t really have the finance to offer their man a fancy gift. All you need to do here is simply be submissive to all his demands throughout the day with a smile on your face of course.

12. Give him a Spa Day

Playful but also very thoughtful…

Yes, ladies, a spa day gift will definitely be beneficial to your man. He works 5 to 6 days a week, 8 to sometimes 12hours a day to make sure you get all you need and of course make you happy.

This treat will definitely relieve him from all that stress and I bet he will be so grateful and thankful for having you in his life.


Ladies one more thing,” Sex is not a gift is a requirement” take note.

Also, the gift is not important, what matters is the love and the intention behind the gift. Hope I was of help to you Ladies.

Please don’t forget to do a massive share of this post, like, and of course comment. Wishing you a beautiful day. Lots of love.


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