Cameroonian Bikutsi singer, Lady Ponce has taken to social media to call out Cameroon Telecommunications Company, CAMTEL, for sidelining Cameroonian Artistes and inviting Congolese Dinger, Fally Ipupa, to headline an event in Cameroon.

Lady Ponce questions if there are no top Artistes in Cameroon like Petit Pays. Fally Ipupa would be reportedly paid about 150 millions for the event that will take place on December 14, at the Douala Omnisport stadium. Though Cameroonian Artistes including Ben Decca, Kameni, Cysoul and Indira Baboke are part of the event, many Cameroonians believe they will be paid far less.

Here is what Lady Ponce wrote:

“Fally my brother I don’t have any problem with you and this post is not for you but for Camtel. This is how I express my
anger, it’s enough!
Because in your country, you are respected and celebrated.

I know your talent my brother, I respect it and I know what your hiding place is, very important.

My country is a host country, but I also demand the same consideration in my country.
Aren’t you tired of this campaign of smear towards creators of the miniature spirit of Africa?

When it’s too much it’s ugly
Couldn’t Petit Pays be the headline of this event? lsn’t this an icon of African and global music? Gosh, what an outrage.
Camtel, what a shame, what contempt!
Our societies have no respect for Cameroonian artist.

Cameroon Telecommunications, you launch a product consumed by Cameroonians, yet you are a taxpayer company, but you take Fally as the headliner and it’s him
you put as the headline.
So in our country no artist can be at product launch? Plus your tickets are free.”


By Nkafu

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