French Footballer of Cameroonian origin, Kylian Mbappé, and former American basketball player of Cameroonian origin, Joakim Noah, have engaged in a project to build an Olympics village in Cameroon, worth 600 billion fcfa.

The revelation was made during Mbappé’s recent visit to Cameroon, where he visited some of his humanitarian activities in the country.

It is hoped that the huge project will not only boost the local economy, but more importantly, help in the general growth and development of sports in Cameroon.

Although, Kylian Mbappé (grandson of the Legendary Cameroonian footballer, Samuel Mbappé Léppé) and Joacquim Noah (Son of former tennis player, Yannick Noah), are both French and American stars, their love for their land of origin, Cameroon, has pushed them to carry out the project.

The Olympics village of 70 hectares is planned to be opened at Obala, Likié division of the center region of Cameroon.

The project is expected to create nearly 2000 jobs for Cameroonians, thus boosting the economy.


By Nkafu

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